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MDJ ELECTRONIC is an engineering Company founded in 1995 providing effective and comprehensive solutions for the industrial electronics, automation, and systems controls branch.

The Company supplies design, installation and integration of industrial automation systems as well as computer systems for monitoring and controlling, both on the domestic and international markets.

MDJ ELECTRONIC is also a manufacturer of industrial automation equipment designated in particular for the mining market where our company is the leader in the engineering and production of advanced intrinsically safy equipment and control systems.

MDJ Electronic LTD, ul.Gliwicka 233, 43-190 Mikołów
tel. +48 32 322 59 42, +48 32 326 00 40, fax. +48 32 326 00 41
NIP: 635-16-74-359, REGON: 278044393, KRS:0000167892
Sąd rejonowy w Katowicach, Wydział VIII Gospodarczy KRS Kapitał Spółki 50.000 zł.


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